Last updated • April 27, 2021


How do I access the Diesel Labs platform? 
Go to and enter your username and password. If you are having trouble logging in or have forgotten your username and/or password, please contact

How do I change my password? 
Navigate to and click ‘Forgot password.’ You’ll be prompted to enter your email address, and a reset link will be emailed to you. Click the link in the email and enter a new password. 

I don’t see the audience that I’m looking for in the Library.
If you don’t see the audience(s) you need, please email

What if I need a custom audience for analysis?
Please email, we can combine audiences into a ‘comp set’, create custom segments, time bound existing audiences and a lot more! 

What does the Homepage show?
This is an optional view. If you do not see the option and would like to learn more, please email The Homepage provides a roll up analysis of your network or brand(s), and provides relevant benchmarks for context. Click on the icon next to the title of each module to learn more about the individual insights represented.

What does the Media Preferences page show?
The charts summarize the media preferences for the selected audience by comparing their engagement behaviors to that of all the other audiences in the Diesel Labs platform. So for example, a score of 10% for Netflix means your selected audience overindexes in engagement with Netflix original content vs the average audience. Click on any of the bar charts to filter the leaderboard table on the right and see which pieces of content are driving the results. 

What is an affinity score?
The affinity score describes the strength of the relationship between the selected audience and the piece of content or item in the leaderboard table. A score of 5x means that the selected audience overindexes in engagement with that line item 5 times more than the average audience. Indices over 100x typically indicate there is a relationship between the two audiences in question (for example a shared actor, or other element helping drive the high score).

How are demographics for an audience determined?
Demographics are a modeled set of statistics. Many of the social media platforms that Diesel Labs pulls data from do not require user submitted demographic information, and as such we use a sophisticated modeling approach (using information such as bio, username, post contents and history) to determine gender and age.

How often is the data for an audience updated?
The platform provides a rolling 18-month view of the preferences and behaviors of the selected audience. Contact if you need to analyze a custom time period. 

How are the trending videos determined? How often are they updated? 
The trending videos are updated in real time and are based on engagement activity from the last 72 hours. Please note that this means that if you load the page multiple times in one day, the results could vary.

What does the Anticipation page show? 
The Anticipation view provides insight into the upcoming content your selected audience is engaging with most. It includes shows, movies, and video trailers and ‘teasers’ from YouTube.

Why are the trending videos different from the video channels with high affinity? 
The Diesel trending algorithm analyzes the last 72 hour period in real-time to rank which videos your audience is watching right now. Your video plan is assessing 12+ months of media consumption behaviors to showcase a stable list of video channels that your audience engages with on a more consistent basis. This means that on occasion trending videos might be listed that are not from the video channels listed in the plan.

Can I export my plans? 
Yes, there is an export button in the top right corner of the platform (downward arrow icon). You can download the complete data set or opt to download the results based on the filters you have set on the page.

What does the Campaign page show?
This is an optional view, if you do not see the option and would like to learn more please email The Campaign page provides real-time performance insights for a campaign. It tracks affinity over time, as well as the campaign’s impact on audience demographics and lifestyles, engagement, etc.

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