May 10, 2022

Announcing Diesel Insights for brands

We are excited to announce a new suite of analytics for advertisers seeking to better understand the opportunities within previously ad-free spaces. Diesel Insights for brands provides intelligence that helps marketers plan for advertising on streaming platforms in coordination with traditional channels.

In light of the added complexity from the introduction of ad-supported tiers across streaming platforms, sophisticated audience insights are necessary to support the development of effective marketing strategies. In addition to tracking audience attention across the entire entertainment landscape, our data solutions provide in-depth, user-level analytics including:

Brand preferences for show and movie audiences, revealing which industries and brands audiences are engaging with. 


Anticipated titles for brand-engaged audiences, illuminating which upcoming releases a brand or target audience is looking forward to the most across the entire media landscape.


Top engaging content for each platform and network, showing which titles are receiving the most overall audience attention and which are trending.


While we’re still learning what the ad formats will look like on streaming services, marketers can tap into our robust understanding of brand audiences to ensure the right message is delivered to the right viewer in the right space. We’re excited to arm our brand partners with valuable insight to help them navigate this exciting new environment!

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