New from Diesel Labs! ChatGPT infused with real-time audience data

What if chatGPT could reply to your live media performance questions? Now it can – Diesel Labs is excited to introduce Daisy, our new AI sidekick!

Diesel’s AI sidekick (Daisy!) is a fusion of chatGPT with our vast array of real-time audience data, able to answer nearly any question about content engagement. From “what were the most popular pieces of content yesterday” to “what are people going to watch tonight” and “what did everyone think about the last episode of Doctor Who” – it’s all at your fingertips. Instant access to query what people are saying about content and why, on the fly!

In addition to this rich qualitative capability, we’ve also layered in all of Diesel’s quantitative knowledge, so our AI sidekick can now also answer questions like “what were the top 10 engaged with titles yesterday”, “how many engagements did Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scargiver achieve yesterday” and even “what was Amazon’s content share of voice last week”.

Daisy is fully integrated into Diesel’s Insights platform, where users can ask any and all questions!

Diesel Labs is excited to introduce Daisy, our new AI sidekick

Diesel’s latest solution delivers answers to all your qualitative and quantitative questions immediately, giving teams back valuable time for other critical workstreams.

Laborious, hand-generated reports that get skimmed are a thing of the past! Daisy completely changes the process of analytics and reporting, reducing the time and manual effort it takes to sort through vast amounts of data and pulling out only insights relevant to your most urgent questions.

Got content intelligence questions on the go? Daisy is also available on your mobile device.

Real questions with real solutions

Let’s get into it! Here are some real interactions with Daisy, the Diesel Labs AI sidekick:

“What were the top pieces of content from April 9?”

The most talked about shows and movies on April 9th, based on Total Engagement, are as follows:
1. Saturday Night Live (16,642,953 total engagements)
2. NBA Basketball (15,205,499)
3. Premiere League Soccer (13,321,144)
4. Peppa Pig (11,445,002)
5. Jimmy Kimmel Live (9,624,183)
6. Formula 1 (9,368,605)
7. MLB Baseball (9,055,830)
8. Late Show with Stephen Colbert (9,008,243)
9. Despicable Me 4 (8,155,278)
10. WWE Monday Night Raw (7,645,647)
~ Daisy, May 12, 2024

“What is the most anticipated movie right now?”

The most anticipated movie currently is “Mufasa: The Lion King” with a Total Engagement number of 6,516,066.
~ Daisy, May 5, 2024

What about a summary of how audiences reacted to last week’s episode? “Hey Daisy, what did fans say about last week’s episode of Chicago Fire?”

To summarize the Twitter comments about “Chicago Fire” from the provided data, the topics of conversation include:

Positive Reception and Storytelling Appreciation (25%): Users express their love for the show and the storytelling quality, with some regretting not starting to watch the show sooner.
Desire for Accessibility (20%): Fans express a wish for earlier seasons of “Chicago Fire” to be available on streaming platforms like Netflix to revisit the show from the beginning.
Character and Cast Discussions (20%): There are mentions of specific characters like Chief Boden and Detective Severide, showing viewers’ connections to the characters. There’s also a discussion about the absence of crossovers and changes in the cast.
Comparisons with Other Shows (15%): Some comments compare “Chicago Fire” with other shows like “Station 19,” indicating a shift in viewer preference or feelings towards these shows.
Show’s Evolution and Content (10%): Some viewers comment on the evolution of the show’s content, noting a decrease in fire-related calls and an increase in other types of emergencies and character storylines.
General Fandom Engagement (10%): Comments reflect an active engagement from the fandom, including discussions about specific episodes, character developments, and behind-the-scenes content.
~ Daisy April 3, 20241

“What else do people say about Chief Boden?”

Based on the provided comments, Chief Boden from “Chicago Fire” is referenced in various ways:

Leadership and Emotional Impact: A comment mentions a moving speech by Boden to Mouch, highlighting his wisdom and leadership.
Character Appreciation: Users express their fondness for Boden, with one stating “Chief Boden is the man!” and another enjoying the character’s calm demeanor.
Family and Protection: There’s a positive sentiment about how Boden protects his firefighters and treats them like family.
These comments reflect a generally positive view of Chief Boden, appreciating his leadership qualities and his role within the firehouse family.
~ Daisy April 3, 2024

Gone are the arduous days of spending hours sifting through mountains of data to find answers to pressing questions. With Daisy, you can access valuable insights on any device and in near real time! Contact Diesel Labs today ( for a demo or to learn how you can add Daisy, our AI media expert, to your team.