August 27, 2018

Content Analytics for the "Crazy Rich Asians" audience

During its opening weekend this summer, Crazy Rich Asians snagged an impressive $25.2 million at North American theaters, making it one of the best-performing romantic comedies in years, and with an all-Asian cast that’s making Hollywood history. We took a look at the audience for this movie and a few insights really popped out.

Crazy rich earnings

Crazy Rich Asians continued to succeed far after opening weekend. At its current total gross, it stacks up against some of the highest earning rom-coms of all time, with a total of nearly $173 million.

What else are fans watching?

People anticipating the release of Crazy Rich Asians had a far bigger preference for online video (174%) than linear (-22%) or streaming content (-46%). Some of the top video channels for this audience included THNKR, ScreenCrush, Teni Panosian, BuzzFeed News, and Superwoman Vlogs.

When it came to traditional television networks, TNT (11%), Bravo (8%), and The CW (4%) led, while networks under-indexing included Cartoon Network (-58%), VH1 (-71%), and Adult Swim (-76%).

What are fans excited about?

The Crazy Rich Asians audience was excited for the return of TV shows including Fresh off the Boat, Imposters, For the People, Making It, and Still StarCrossed.

And when it came to anticipating new releases, they couldn’t wait for the shows The Kids are Alright, Heathers, plus the movies The Hate U Give, Widows, and First Man.

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This article was updated on November 7, 2018 to reflect total box office earnings for Crazy Rich Asians