October 26, 2018

Content Analytics: Keeping up with media in the era of endless entertainment

Across the media and marketing industry, we spend a lot of time talking about ‘content.’ While the dictionary definition has not changed, what we’re describing is entirely different today than it was even a few short years ago. With traditional ratings and cable subscriptions on the decline, time spent on mobile devices on the rise, and new things to watch and new ways to watch emerging by the day, it’s clear that the media industry is playing catch up when it comes to understanding how audiences interact with and value the full spectrum of content available today.

At Diesel Labs we’re working to even the playing field by evaluating the importance of every piece of content available — because not only has the way we watch changed, but the old ways we evaluated and prioritized traditional content don’t really work anymore either. Primetime doesn’t apply in an on-demand world, classic “ratings” don’t exist for the vast majority of content in 2018, and how advertising supports content is up for grabs (historically ad-free streaming services are testing ads, and traditional TV networks are testing shorter ad formats and limited ad pods).

Diesel organizes and measures everything from movies to shows to influencer content to short-form video across all audiences. We have derived a new relevance signal based on our years of study across audience behaviors and preferences, surfacing insights and allowing for comparisons to be made no matter the type, format, or source of content. The end result drives better decision making for producers and advertisers alike.

On the production side of things, we’re learning how Content Analytics helps drive everything from storyline, by uncovering the topics of interest for a target audience, to casting decisions factoring in everyone from big-name celebrities to grass-roots influencers. For example, we uncovered the insights below about the new series Netflix just dropped Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

For marketers, Content Analytics supports topline budget allocation (what flavor of content is your audience most excited about?), as well as illuminating a complete media plan within individual channels, even down to the specific videos your audience is watching right now.

We’re excited to launch Content Analytics to the industry, furthering our collective knowledge of what audiences care about across the fragmented media landscape. Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting different audiences on our blog, digging into their Content Analytics to see what we can uncover about their habits and preferences. As they used to say, stay tuned!