Diesel Labs introduces data products for generative AI

Uncovering media insights and audience trends has gotten even easier! Diesel Labs brings its broad suite of content intelligence insights to the generative AI space by introducing Daisy (beta), an AI chatbot powered by our proprietary data. 

Daisy taps into Diesel’s comprehensive, predictive media analytics dataset and delivers simple and personalized responses. Try it out now by clicking the icon on the bottom right corner of your screen!

Daisy is currently trained on the vast landscape of audience thoughts and reactions toward content from the most recent complete TV week, and includes data from all the major social and video platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok (beta), Reddit (beta))

Daisy can answer a myriad of entertainment industry related questions, and the beta release is designed to help with inquiries such as:

– What are people looking forward to watching this weekend?
– What shows and movies are popular right now?
– What are people saying about the Barbie movie?
– What did people think about the episode of XYZ last week?

Demos and access to Daisy’s full dataset are now available upon request via customizable data sets and APIs. Questions about the dataset or Daisy? Reach out to support@diesellabs.com.